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A daily treatment that dissolves oil and dead skin cells, both on the surface of skin and deep within pores. This consistent exfoliation clears clogged pores and keeps them clear.

One of the most effective ingredients for acne, oily and blemish prone skin, Salicylic Acid has the ability to get deep into pores. It's also one of the best (and only) ways to get rid of blackheads - for good.

  • instantly brightens your complexion and refreshes skin
  • clears blackheads and reduces the appearance of pores
  • controls oil production so your skin stays matte
  • smoothes, tightens, and improves skin's texture

Tried salicylic acid products before with no results? Not all products are the same - pH level is vital! That's why the Salicylic Daily Exfoliator has a pH of 3. You WILL see results!

If you don't want to do heavy peels the consistent application of Salicylic Daily Exfoliator 2% is safer, easier and more effective.

Very simple to use - apply like a toner nightly after cleansing.

  • Saturate a gauze or cotton pad and gently buff skin
  • Leave on for as long as tolerated, up to 30seconds. In the beginning, it may only be several seconds. That's fine! It will still work and your skin's tolerance will increase as you keep using it
  • Slight tingling or stinging is normal.
  • Rinse with cool water to neutralize and follow with moisturizer.
  • Slight peeling or dryness can be expected in the beginning and will improve with continued use.
  • If needed, reduce to every 2nd night or as often as tolerated.

Recommended for use with our Oil Free Moisturizing Gel - which will hydrate and protect without re-clogging your skin.

OPTIONAL: Once your skin has become accustomed to the product, leave it on for up to 1 minute in any areas that are very clogged or oily (eg. the T Zone). Especially beneficial for stubborn blackheads - this is a great way to make an immediate difference in their appearance and help them to finally disappear.

*Do not use if pregnant.

Purified Water (Aqua), Alcohol, Salicylic Acid 2% pH 3

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